Mel's 5 Classic Jewelry Looks That Are Far From Basic

For today's FAX Five, I'm going to share five classic jewelry looks that are far from basic. I personally love these five as they are great layering pieces you can easily wear with whatever jewelry you have in your current collection.

First off, I have to start with some great hoops and these 'Maeve 25' midi sized hoops are a dream. They are a lightweight stainless steel, so they are hypoallergenic and water resistant and they come in both a silver color and an 18 karat gold plated stainless steel version. 

Today I'm wearing the silver on my first piercing and then I'm wearing the same style and size but in gold in my second piercing. The double hoop takes this look from boring to bomb and I would wear this with a t-shirt and jeans, a casual workout outfit, or basically anything. These offer a great, everyday look.

Next up is our 'Say Less' Herringbone necklace with baguette cut zircon stones. This isn't necessarily something I wear every day, but it's definitely a great piece for when you want to add a little bling to your everyday. You can either dress this piece up or dress it as fancy with it as you'd like or wear it as an everyday casual piece. 

This third style I absolutely love! It's our 'Shine Bright' ear cuff and this thing is simply fabulous. You don't need a piercing for it because it's a cuff and so you just loop it on your ear lobe. You can either wear it higher up or lower on the lobe. For me, it tends to slide down, so I wear it mid-level. These are available in champagne, white, blue, multicolor and pink.

Next up is our 'Wild Thing' ring. This piece has a hammered look with five different bezel set, multi-colored stones. I personally like to wear this on my ring finger on my right hand.

And then finally, last but not least, is our 'In This Together' cuff bracelets. These are classic FAX pieces that are not going anywhere anytime soon. This bracelet is a great everyday piece that layers perfectly with anything else you're wearing from your current collection or anything else from FAX.

There you have it - 5 classic jewelry looks that are far from basic. Hope you've enjoyed this FAX Five. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite. 

xx - Mel

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